• Artwork may be provided as hard copy prints, disk, or email your art to us:  artwork@theawardcenter.com.
  • We do not accept artwork over fax.  We do not accept artwork saved as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or websites.
  • Only artwork in Vector format saved as an .EPS, .CDR, or .PDF with all lettering converted to outlines.
  • We are PC based but can accept MAC files.  We primarily use CorelDraw X3 (or sooner) and Illustrator 9.0.
  • Artwork saved as .JPG, .TIF, .BMP, .GIF will be charged an Art Charge to convert to vector format.
  • Art Charges are billed at $35 per hour ($20 minimum).  This is a one-time charge and we keep all artwork files for future use.  Art charges do not apply to each item set-up.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any artwork that will not meet our standards of product quality when reproduced with our equipment and processes.



  • A set-up charge entails preparing the lettering and logos to be engraved on the award.  Each type of item requires different variables that help determine the time and resources needed to prepare an item for engraving. 
  • We keep all set-ups on file for future use.
  • New set-ups will only be charged if the layout is changed....not to change only a name or year. 

An order has four (4) plaques with only the name changed on each.  That is charged as one (1) set-up.  If the order is needed again next week, next month, or next year, the set-up is the same and no additional charges are required. 

Another order has three (3) acrylics with different wording on each.  That will require three (3) different set-up charges.  If those same awards are ordered again with only a name change, there are no new set-up charges.